Solvent ink for Xaar126 print head

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Product Description :
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1,Suitable for wide format printer with Seiko print heads
2,Vibrant, brilliant colors
3,Excellent color gamut
4,Color and density consistency between different batches
5,Good outdoor durability.
6,Minimum maintenance whether the printer is in use or idle
7,No clogged nozzles thus ensuring better print quality
8,Less wear on the print heads
9,Competitive price

Operational Specifications:

1. Working temperature: +20C to + 30C.
2. Working relative humidity: 40%-60%

Storage Specifications:

1. Storage temperature: +10C to + 40C.
2. Keep out of reach of Children
3. Keep out of direct sun light
4. Do not ingest ink, avoid contact with eyes and skin. Wash with soap and water, when the ink splashes on skin. Obtain medical attention if ill effects occur.

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