water based dyn ink

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Product Description :
The water-ink can contain some gene that can prevent print head from congestion. And the filter with 0.2 micron can prolong the life of print head.

Such can help you to finish substantial task and the picture can be printed out as expected.

During the printing period, it can keep the print head clean, make the print head dry and can improve the printing quality UV survey shows that the ink for weathering resistance is the same as that for other brand\\'s under the same condition; The most competitive price will gain more orders from you;

No odor and no poison for the product can preserve environment.

MeiTu water-based ink is high-quality ink specially designed for various digital printing equipment. It matches various media very well. It widely satisfies special uses and different kinds of image making (outdoor and indoor). All the raw materials of ink are imported from USA, Which ensure ink\\'s high and reliable quality. Supply you various color-matching plans, which help to represent broad color zone and vivid colors, Such as bright apple magenta, various greens in the forest, exquisite complexion and delicate metal blare. They can give your image an out-of-imagination express.

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