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LED Message Board Features :Super convenience to control with both remocon and computer Easy to input letters and message Over 100 kinds of modes and lots of font High quality LEDs of ultra bright & semi-permanent life Greater Brightness than comparable units Long durability and High reliability Perfect water proof with Urethane or Silicon molding Low maintenance cost and Low energy consumption Sturdy, lightweight and thin aluminum cabinet Mounting and cable kit included Sun-visor for enhanced contrast(Option) Password for protection Auto on/off timer 99 rooms to store up to 99 letters in each room Time reservation function PC software to support easy and various function Showing present real time & calendar Showing present temperature(Option)Memory backup with fresh memory fresh memorySuper capability of memorizing 20 ~ 30 thousand pieces of images Show stored text, graphics, logos, animations Also create and save your own text, graphics, logos, animations Show stored 250 kinds of static icons and 100+ kinds of moving icons Show stored 100+ kinds of large sized moving graphics, Also create save your own 100+ kinds of large sized moving graphicsShow stored 100+ gif. file animationsAlso create and save your own 100+ gif. file animationsUser manual included Multi languages available by remote controller (English/ Spanish/ Russia/ Japanese/ Portuguese/ European etc.) Special remote controller for supporting Arabian and English only. Multi languages covering all of the world’s are available by computer The position of letter key pad between mobile phone and remote controller is same for convenient use. www.digitalsign.co.kr led@digitalsign.co.kr

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