Eco-solvent Epson head wide format printer Admax-1

Product Category : Inkjet printer(Wide-format)

Product Description :
1.Epson DX5 original head from Japan. 8 X 180 nozzles, reach 1440 dpi easily. 2.Imported guide and imported dual direction motor from Japan, which makes the printer very stable and high quality. 3.VSD variable dot technology, smallest droplet is 3.5 pl, largest droplet is 27 pl, achieve the perfect printing. 4.USB2.0 supported, which reaches 480m/s for highest speed, you can transfer the file fast and convenient. 5.Wave printing technology improves the printing quality greatly. 6.Wide choice for printing with different ink: Eco-solvent ink, water ink or thermal transfer ink.

Contact Information

Location : CHINA

Company name : Admax Shanghai

Contact Person : Squall Zhu

Address : 11B, 905, East Kangqiao Road, SHANGHAI CHINA

Tel No : +86-21-50101760

Fax No : +86-21-50101765

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