Eco solvent printer with Epson DX7

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Eco Solvent Printer 1.8m with Epson DX7 Print headAs the advanced version of the DX-5 head, DX-7 head stands for the better reliability and stability. Besides better ink droplets and consistency, the working life of the print head has improved dramatically. The DX7 is much more durable than DX5 for the eco-solvent ink printing. MT-Starjet 7702L printer is equipped with two high efficient DX-7 print heads, and it is proved to have 15% print head increasing.Expertise on High Precision Large Format Printer ManufacturingWe put high precision 3.2m super-wide photo printer in mass-production for years, and this series of printers is very mature and stable products of Terminator. Thus, our company becomes one of the rare factory can manufacture 3.2m super-wide photo printer in the world. It is totally under-estimate, if you think you only can use MT-Starjet 7702L to print two rolls of 1.5m width media at the same time. This beast can meet the demands of many special markets and far beyond your imagination, its uniqueness is the guarantee of your profit and fortune.Best Printer Ever Made to ProcessMT-Starjet7702L Eco Solvent Printer has the best combination, super-wide and high precision. It does not only meet the demands of regular advertising printing, but also can accept special orders of super-wide size to get better profit. MT-Starjet 7702L printer is also suitable for the mature company to increase productivity and bring up new business opportunities.Features1. DX-7 Micro Piezo print TechnologyDX-7 print head with micro piezo print technology can show not only the excellent printing quality, but also the durability to the Eco-solvent inks. DX-7 print head has a longer and more durable working life. The improvement of printing precision makes the ink droplets smaller, and the stability is better than that of DX-5 print head.2.3.2m Super-Wide Print WidthNot only can meet the demands of regular printing, but also accepts the special order of super-wide size and expand the business range. Super-wide inkjet printer can use in the textile and other special fields, and the precision is much better than that of the common solvent printers.3. Dual Print Head DesignThe technology of two print heads is the mature technology that we bring out to the market in the early stage for years. Now the product with two DX-7 print heads will definitely replace the previous version of printers with DX-5 print heads.4. Comprehensive Media HandlingThe standard media handling includes the automatic feeding&take up system that can load up as heavy as 200kgs. The heating system and hot air drying system which can now easily print on flex banner and diversity media.5.1.8m and 3.2m Printer AvailableFor the best product coverage, the 1.8m printers with one DX-7 print head(MT-Starjet 7701) model, and two DX-7 heads(MT-Starjet 7702) model are also available for your easy choice and best buy.

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