Combination Backpack Flying Banner

Product Category : Sign system

Product Description :
New combination backpack flying banner. One backpack can be used for different shapes. Save cost and stock.4 or more shapes available for one backpack.For teardrop shape, display size: 113cm*52cmFor feather shape, display size: 132cm*54cmFor block shape, display size: 110cm*52cmFor X shape, display size: 155cm*60cmB or O shape can also be provided.Each backpack have a single carton to pack.It has taken advertising to a whole new level by redefining mobile advertising and product branding.It consist of a reinforced yet lightweight backpack, high-impact advertising banner and several carbon composite poles.Really an effective mobile opportunity for advertising

Contact Information

Location : CHINA

Company name : Weihai Wisezone Outdoor Equipment Co., Ltd

Contact Person : Holly Qiu

Address : Dongkuang,Zhangcun Town, Weihai City, Shandong Province,China

Tel No : +86-15166125050

Fax No : +86-631-5782291

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