laser cutting machine MY-L1325BS & 1350BS

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Product Description :
Wisely Laser large size laser engraving/cutting machine is mainly designed for die board cutting, double faced adhesive tape processing, used in printing and packing, advertisement, furniture, model, art crafts industries, etc. The maximum cutting depth is 20-30 acrylic. Wisely Laser CO2 laser cutter engraver machine can work on Metal, Die Board, Wood, Cloth, Acrylic, Perspex, MDF, Leather, Composite Material, etc. Wisely manufactures IPG/SPI fiber laser marking machine, Synrad/Coherent CO2 laser marking machine, GSI/RECI CO2 laser engraving machine and laser cutting machine in China. CO2 laser cutting machine MY-L1325BS &1350BS Features: 1. High Accuracy--HIWIN Linear Guiderail from Taiwan and Ballscrew from Germany. 2. High cutting/engraving speed with SERVO motor from Mitsubishi/Panasonic in Japan. 3. Laser Tube Lifespan can reach 10 000 hours. 4. Laser tube and laser power supply, perfect cutting/engraving effect, fine laser beam and strong power. 5. High Rigidity--The thickness of machine body is 3.5mm, the shape will not change within 36 months. 6. Three kinds of softwares for your choose: Lasercutengave, AutoCAD and CorelDraw. 7. USB 2.0 Interface, Steady and Quick Transmitting Speed, suitable for Desktop PC or Laptop. 8. Two kinds of working tables for your choose: Fixed Aluminum Table & Fixed Honeycomb Table. 9. Online & Offline Operation: Transfer the file by Flash Memory Disk or USB cable from computer, then 10. Massive Memory Capacity: Standard allocation of 128MB inner memory capacity 11. Consistent Operation: Power off restoration, broken point continuation, working time anticipation. 12. Faster cutting speed, smooth cutting and small joint, raise working efficiency and save material. 13. Totally enclosed laser route, powerful security. 13. CE Certificate, ISO9001: 2008, FDA. Regards! Wisely Team wwlaser@gmail.com www.wwlaser.com www.wwlaser.hk www.wisely-laser.com www.wisely.co.in

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