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Product Category : Laser system

Product Description :
China fiber laser marking machine supplier, industry metal marking solution supplier, steel laser marking, aluminum marking, brass marking, iron marking, black marking, white marking, color marking... Wisely manufactures IPG/SPI/Raycus fiber laser marking machine, Synrad/Coherent CO2 laser marking machine, diode pumped laser marking machine, UV laser marking machine, GSI/RECI CO2 laser engraving machine and laser cutting machine in China. More details about the machine, please visithttp://www.wwlaser.com/products/ Or you can send email to sales005@wwlaser.hk Or you can add WhatsApp/Viber/Line: 0086-186-8249 5849

Contact Information

Location : CHINA

Company name : Wisely Laser Machinery Ltd.

Contact Person : Sky Tian

Address : B6106-6108, Nanfangmingzhu Commercial City, Longhua New District, Shenzhen 518109 China

Tel No : +86 755 8996 1916

Fax No : 0086 755 2857 0577

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