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Digital Graphics
Magazine name : Digital Graphics
Location : America
Language : English
Company name : United States
Freqency of publication : Monthly
Tel no : +1 303-469-0424
Fax no : +303-469-5730
Contact person : Mary Tohill
Email : mary@nbm.com
Website : www.nbm.net
Magazine description : Digital Graphics is the most widely acknowledged large-format digital print trade publication in the world.\r\n\r\nWith the help of industry experts, we pack each issue with:\r\n? Practical, money-making information\r\n? Hands-on application ideas\r\n? The latest products\r\n? Printer and software reviews\r\n? Tips on workflow enhancement\r\n? File management\r\n? Ink and media selection\r\n? Much, much more!\r\n
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